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8 things you should know about Dorcas Adeyinka who the police announced they are looking for

Ever since the news came out that the police are looking for a social activist, Dorcas Adeyinka, people have been asking what kind of person is Dorcas Adeyinka that the police have put her name on the street that they are looking for.

Here are some of the things we found out about it.

Darocas Adeyinka is a Nigerian who is also a British citizen.

It has been seven years since Dorcas Adeyinka went to the UK. In the UK he studied primary, secondary and university.

He studied law at the University of East London.

Dorcas Adeyinka is now forty years old.

According to what she wrote on her Facebook page, Dorcas Adeyinka is a businessman who became famous because of the work he chose to do.

He is also a charity worker and often advertises for businesses online.

He has an online news channel called TMS blog.

He is a native of Ekiti state.

Dorcas Adeyinka was found guilty of many crimes by the police, which made her wanted by the police

The Nigerian Police has announced that they are looking for a social and online celebrity, Dorcas Adeyinka, who many people call Boss Lady.

Among the charges that the police station is considering is kidnapping, murder, attempted murder, usury and other charges that are against the law of Nigeria.

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Although the police station did not talk much about the allegations against the woman, they urged the public to report the woman to the police station if they found her.

The police described Adeyinka as an online chatter from Ekiti and Ibadan, and described him as God’s creation.

The police station also did not know that Adeyinka lives in Ilu-Omba, and he regularly visits Ikeja, Ogugua, Fagba, Otta and Sango areas.

I will not stop the good behavior that I am doing, which is causing my enemies – Dorcas Adeyinka responded
While reacting to the police station’s announcement on the Facebook channel, Adeyinka urged the police station not to do their job according to the law.

It is also not known that he would not go to the police station if they asked him to come.

“Am I the only one who has all this accusation? We can do more than this on this earth.

“Have you done your research before announcing that you are looking for me? Have I not answered you for a while, if you send me a message?

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Too bad, don’t come to your office soon.

“I am Dorcas Adeyinka, a native of Atata. Thank you.”

Adeyinka also explained that as long as he is happy, he will not start anything.

“I will not let my good work that creates enemies and provides help for our needs end because it is in me.

“All those who are writing nonsense about me on the internet are also posting my naked body.”

What happened before?
Our investigation shows that the Magistrate Court in Wuse in Abuja has ordered that two people who are using the internet for false accusation against Dorcas Adeyinka, and also published her nakedness on the internet.

In the court document dated the 9th of the month of 2024, judge Emmaunel Iyanna ordered the two defendants – Tolulope Adeoye, popularly known as Abike Jagaban and Tolulope Odegbami, popularly known as Olowosibi, to appear in court on the fourth day June 2024 to come and tell them.

Adeyinka has never questioned the police – Lawyer
Pelumi Olajengbesi, who is the lawyer for Docas Adeyinka’s sister, is full of news that the police is looking for his client for one charge or another.

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He said what was surprising for them was that the announcement came from the website of the police station.

Olajengbesi at the police station wants to make it known to all the people that Adeyinka has never refused to call the police station.

“My client ran to the police to let them know that some people were posting her nude photos online.

But it is surprising that the Police are trying to keep my client quiet on the matter.

“It is not the first time that my client will be in this situation, in December of last year, they were called to court but the court returned acquittal.

“The fact that they announced that there was a person outside yesterday, the eleventh day of May, where they were arrested tomorrow means that maybe some people have come to the police station’s website.

“Despite all this, my client is ready to comply with the procedure laid down by the law.”

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