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A man buried a baby alive, he thought it was a devil

An infant’s head was removed after someone placed it in the ground with the thought that the baby was a yam.

The incident took place in Anshav Kusuv village when the shepherd hunters found the child.

This village is a village located in Tyowanye in Benue state in the northern part of Nigeria.

These hunters let out the baby when the dogs they caught smelled something moving in the ground where they planted yams.

The surprising thing is that they saved the child, but he was not well.

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“As the dog hears the smell of the child’s breath in the ground, the thieves start digging the ground with the idea that they are digging out the yam”

The head of the police station in Tyowanye, ASP Tooga Lorlumun said they have not come to report the incident to the police station but the issue is spreading on the internet.

Tooga told the BBC that when the dog smelled the child’s smell, the thieves started digging the ground with the idea that they were digging out the yam.

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“When they saw that what they were shouting was not a yam, they looked carefully and saw that it was a human,”

The unnamed baby is being treated at a local hospital in the village, and is trying to survive.

One of those taking care of the child, Emmanuel Numbur, is a woman who was bitten by the child, and who told the hospital where the child was being treated that he died.

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He has the kind of care that the child needs that they cannot give in the hospital.

Numbur explains how difficult it is to take care of the child because he has no money.

“The child’s condition is not good at all,” Numbur explained as he called for urgent help for the child.

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