Assistant Commissioner of Police Has been Slammed by Ruggedman, Proponents on the #Endsars Motion (See More>>>

Ruggedman has slammed the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Yomi Shogunle for sharing a faux tale about him.

The Rapper who is one of the famous Proponents on the #Endsars Motion, that is a reaction marketing campaign to the illicit activities of sars officers, currently labored with the oc of the sars unit to enlighten the general public on how to differentiate commissioned sars officials from impostors. Ruggedman shared a video wherein he pointed out the symbols of identity of a true sars officials.

In reaction to the asp yomi shogunle took to social media to mock ruggedman. The police officer wrote that the rapper has deserted the #endsars movement. Yomi shogunle on social media wrote “breaking news: nigerian superstar @ruggedybaba suggest federal sars. The abia kingdom born rapper decamped from the #endsars birthday party and joined #reformsarsparty.”

The submit has compelled a counter-reaction from ruggedman who blasted the high-ranked police officer. Ruggedman made a post on instagram mentioning that ACP Yomi Shogunle is a shameless liar and a disgrace to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

In a new development, Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus has reacted to the post made by Ruggedman to enlighten the public about the means of identifying a true SARS officer. The Police PRO expressed her surprise that the rapper mentioned her in the post, stating that he has left her out of his previous post. She also stated that the rapper’s posts are contradictory and confusing. She hammered home her point with the idiom; “you can’t eat your cake and have it.”


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