"Bring Him Back on Stage" Wizkid Showing Love to Fan on stage (Video)

“Bring Him Back on Stage” Wizkid Showing Love to Fan on stage (Video)

“Bring Him Back on Stage”: Old Video of Wizkid Showing Love to Fan Who Tore His Trouser Trends Online


Nigerian singer Wizkid has millions of fans all over the world who would go the extra mile to show their love for him.

Just recently, an old clip of the Made in Lagos (MIL) musician’s encounter with fans at a concert made it back to the online community.

During his performance of Essence, one fan lept unto the stage and he was immediately thrown off by the security details.

However, when Wizkid made it to a different part of the stage, another fan gained access and tugged at his outfit.

The bouncers swung into action again and sent the fan back to join other members of the audience.

Surprisingly, after regaining composure, Wizkid called on the bouncers to bring the individual back on stage. He went on to give him a shout-out and promised to give him something major.

Watch the video below…