Caroline Trupp dead and obituary, professional with proven track

Caroline Trupp dead and obituary, professional with proven track

Caroline Trupp dead and obituary, professional with proven track
Good morning my name is Caroline Trupp Gil and today I speak on behalf of the American Chemical Society and its 158,000+ members, especially the ACS
President Diane Grob Schmidt. ACS commends the Obama Administration for prioritizing investment in nanoscience and reiterates the importance of the OSTP Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology.

As you heard this morning, the field of nanotechnology has come a long way since the establishment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative. The interdisciplinary tools and techniques of nanoscience can benefit society in many areas: medicine, energy, water, food, materials, and electronics, among others.

Nanoscience breakthroughs touch nearly every aspect of the chemical company. ACS’ mission is to “improve people’s lives through the power of change.”
“Chemistry” and nanotechnology have demonstrated how truly transformative chemistry—and all science—is. Looking ahead, the scientific community must now face reality as promising research results move from the lab to the market. many basic
Nanomaterial applications are already emerging in the market as product enablers, but large-scale fabrication of more advanced and challenging materials remains a challenge. As with all new developments, addressing this challenge in an environmentally responsible and responsible manner must be an integral part of the plan.

For all these reasons, ACS believes that the National Nanotechnology Initiative will continue to
Plays an invaluable role in providing support, coordination and focus. American Chemical Society Applause
The OSTP Nanotechnology Grand Challenges Initiative will help ensure that the vast potential of nanotechnology continues to be exploited for the benefit of society. Finally, ACS looks forward to continuing to work with OSTP and NNI to encourage our members to address these challenges.

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