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Christian Maier GoFundMe Petition Started After Arrest for Doing Donuts Over Pride Street Mural Sparks Outrage

Christian Maier, an 18-year-old Florida resident has been arrested for doing donuts on a pride street mural, sparking outrage among fans who have petitioned for a GoFundMe fundraiser to be started in his name to help him fight for justice.

Maier reportedly carried out donuts on the Pride street mural located at the Central Avenue and 25th Street roundabout in St Petersburg, Florida.

St Petersburg Police arrested him for the alleged May 22nd infraction, but the arrest has sparked outrage with many calling it unfair that other worse crimes including vandalism can be let go but Maier was not spared.

Christian Maier GoFundMe Petition Started by Fans After Arrest for Doing Donuts on Pride Street Mural in St Petersburg, Florida
christian maier gofundme
St Petersburg police have arrested an 18-year-old Florida resident for the crime of doing “donut burnouts” on a Pride street mural.

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A press release from St Petersburg Police said Maier was captured on a video in May driving over a Pride street mural.

Police said he was “recklessly maneuvering his car in a way to leave several tire marks across the mural and causing significant damage.”

He is charged with felony criminal mischief and street racing.

A video of this alleged heinous crime was posted online by police and can be watched below…

Immediately news of Maier’s arrest hit social media angry social media users immediately began campaigning for his release.

Most of the anger stemmed from the fact that other perceived lesser crimes are not punished yet Maier is being sought for prosecution.

In numerous posts on social media, particularly in those with a right-leaning and libertarian bent, the arrest and intended prosecution was a complete outrage and needed to be condemned.

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Many social media users flamed St Petersburg Police over their actions.

On Facebook, Michelle Swift went in hard: “Florida police have arrested and taken 18 yr old Christian Maier into custody for performing donuts and leaving tire marks over the pride street mural. They are charging him with felony criminal mischief…….. no charges to anyone who has burned down buildings, cars, or any other criminal acts if they are on the side of the left,”

christian meier
Jeff Rehling also cried out: “Burn the American flag, no problem,”

X (formerly Twitter) users were not left out.

All the major conservative accounts on the platform had a lot to say on this case with many including the End Wokeness account calling for Maier to be pardoned by Governor Ron De Santis.

christian maier arrest
Meanwhile, another major account, Ian Miles Cheong called Maier a ‘hero‘.

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Many others also came in with practical ideas to crowdfund a defense for Christian Maier, hence the idea to start a GoFundMe in his name.

“Is there a GoFundMe for his bail and legal defense costs?” one such post read.

Other similar posts were scattered all over Twitter with people ready, willing, and able to fund a legal defense for Christian Maier via GoFundMe.

The rage against the injustice Maier is facing continues to rage on X and other platforms, with most anger directed at Florida authorities for this arrest.

According to social media users if protests can devolve into looting, drawing graffiti, burning the U.S. flag and much more then someone should be able to drive over the pride flag without getting arrested!!

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