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Citizens have entered into a dialogue because of the abundance of food in Benin Republic

Citizens and government officials across Benin Republic have expressed concern over how food shortages are now spreading across the country.

This made the citizens especially the government officials try to show their protest on how everything especially food is getting expensive every day.

The BBC clashed with citizens and government officials as they marched against the food crisis across the country.

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Before, an entry was first held on the twenty-seventh day of April, 2024, although the government did not allow anyone to enter during that time.

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In the same way, another invasion took place on January, the month of May, and the government issued a disability notice to arrest the people who participated in the invasion.

Seventy-two people were arrested among those who participated in the attack.

Recently, they left fifty-one people among them, and the court ordered that they should be examined, but the examination did not reveal that they were using drugs.

This is why the court returned twenty-one people to prison.

While talking to BBC Yoruba, Aliou Yanhoue said that the people are not happy with what the government is doing for them on the issue of food.

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He said that it is unfortunate that the money they get every month is not enough and it is not enough to buy food to feed a family and how food has become gold for them.

“Foods that we eat now like Garri, Maize and other foods have raised money and are causing hardship to the people.

“Why are we going with this, these things are not good.

“Our police beat the uncles as if they were stealing from our town but because of what they really did, this is what happened.”

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Aladji Sabirou Madjidi told us that it is difficult to eat three meals a day in Benin Republic.

He also accused the government of not leaving a chance for citizens and government officials to express their concerns.

“We have to speak out that we the people are dying of hunger. And government officials and citizens are starving”.

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