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Does Opay really want to invade Nigeria?

A news that hit the internet since yesterday Issugun said that online banking Opay wants to enter Nigeria.

Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN sent to call the bank’s executives to Abuja on the issue of their customers’ accounts.

However, the Opay company in the publication posted on its website X is not accepting new customers to support the government on the research they are doing.

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They have all those who already have an account with those who do not have any problem as the CBN bank announced it and all the accounts of the existing customers are adequately protected.

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Ever since the CBN has ordered Opay and other online banks to stop accepting new customers, many people have been circulating various reports about Opay.

Well, Opay has come and said on his X that it is a lie that is far from the truth that they don’t want to enter Nigeria.

In the publication that Opay sent, it has been said that some customers who do not listen to their news are spreading it on WhatsApp and on the internet that it is just fake news.

Opay Bank said that “Opay is one of the leading banks in Nigeria since 2018.

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Since 2018, we have been satisfying our millions of customers who still have confidence in us.

We will not stop our efforts by using science to see that all people benefit from banking for the economic development of Nigeria.

We are using this time to urge the public to pay attention to the rumors that some people are circulating about the Opay company.”

Know why CBN banned Opay, Palmpay and others from opening accounts for new customers

Why are the customers of some banks raising their spirits as the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has announced that online banks will no longer accept new customers.
Employees of an online bank who did not want to be named by reporters confirmed the incident to reporters.

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Companies such as Opay, Kuda Bank, Palmpay and Moniepoint are affected, as they will not have the opportunity to allow new customers to open an account with them for the time being.

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