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Erasmo Viana Video LEAKED Viral on Twitter, Video Erasmo Ex Fazenda

Erasmo Viana, a renowned Brazilian model and influencer celebrated for his advocacy of a healthy lifestyle and formerly married to fellow influencer Gabriela Pugliesi, has found himself at the center of a social media storm. On Thursday, May 23, a private video featuring Viana in a s3xual encounter went viral on Twitter, catapulting his name to the top of trending topics.

Erasmo Viana Video Viral On Twitter
The leaked video has elicited a flurry of reactions from internet users. One user commented, “Guys, this video of Erasmo Viana, all sweaty, getting into the girl, how shocking.” Another remarked, “My God, Erasmo Viana’s video… God really has his favorites.” However, not all reactions were positive. A critical user wrote, “I just watched Erasmo Viana’s video and, honestly, I don’t understand why people are talking so much about him. There is absolutely nothing special in the video. In reality, the video is terrible.” Adding to the mix, another user joked, “And I didn’t even know who Erasmo Viana was before the leaked video.”

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In response to the uproar, Viana took to Instagram Stories to address the situation. “There is no manual for learning how to deal with the internet. The decision to work with this tool, especially exposing one’s personal image, is something that demands a lot of courage and emotional intelligence. Because here it really is no man’s land, there are few situations in which you have control, but it is everyone’s obligation to know how to control their emotions in the face of everything,” he began.

Discussing the leaked content, Viana added, “The energy directed towards bad things unfortunately still overrides the good things. Although there are moments of anguish and judgments, I will always look for the positive side of this network that governs us, whether positively influencing people or being influenced by them.” He concluded with a message to his followers: “Never allow anyone to diminish you or make you doubt who you are, your values. Because, at the end of it all, the Law of Karma never fails. God sees everything, nothing goes unnoticed.”

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This is not the first time Viana has ventured into controversial waters. At the end of 2022, the influencer began selling adult content on the Privacy platform. Known for showcasing his fitness routine on social media, Viana revealed that he was motivated by frequent requests from fans to create more sensual content. “A lot of people have already asked me for this on the internet. I receive messages daily, so I felt ready to make different content. I have good expectations, and it will be a project with a beginning, middle, and end. But, it’s something that, at the moment, I feel prepared to do,” he shared.

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Viana further explained that his new profile would allow for greater interaction with his audience, as people paying for access to his content would be more engaged. “I’m at a point in my life where I’m mature enough for this type of project. As I have always been a model, I will find it easier and more natural to work with this new content. It will have a sensual and elegant feel at the same time. I think people will enjoy it,” he said.

With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Erasmo Viana continues to captivate his audience, whether through fitness inspiration or his more recent ventures into adult content creation. Despite the challenges posed by the viral video, Viana remains focused on maintaining a positive influence and navigating the complexities of his public life with resilience.

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