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Gunmen also abducted nine university students in Kogi

The Kogi state government has confirmed the kidnapping and arrested a university student in the state who was abducted.

Observers are saying that the number of students who were kidnapped is likely to be more than nine.

Reports say that the gunmen broke into the Confluence University of Science and Technology in Osara-Okene around midnight on Thursday.

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After they arrived at the university, they started to enter the students’ room one by one and they were shooting loudly.

According to reports, the students of the university were preparing for an exam when the kidnappers arrived at night.

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“A group of well-wishers who know the forests in the area like the back of their hands have helped the law enforcement agencies to search for the students.” According to a press release issued by the spokesman for the state governor, Kingsley Fanwo.

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Lest we forget, the Kaduna state government has just announced that they want to send hundreds of students to other schools because of the lack of gunmen in the state where kidnappers kidnapped many students some time ago.

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