I Don’t Love The ‘Father’ Of My Kids, I Even Close My Eyes During Romance – Woman Confesses

“To be frank, I don’t understand the concept of love. Call me a cynic, I don’t care but love is the worst thing that have ever happened in this life. Consider the words of renowned Seductive and Crime writer, Robert Greene: “the only time people take or make the worst decisions is always when they are in love”.
Someone can actually love and yet be unloved. Its pathetic. And the evil in ladies eh, I don’t even know how to quantify it. I’m not exaggerating guys, they are evil replications. Can you imagine what this girl texted to Nigerian psychologist and relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin?
She told him to help her shared the story of how she is living with a man that she made to believe he is the father of two kids, which he is not and now she wants to let him know and not hurt him. That she even hate the man so much that she gets irritated whenever the man made love to her or touches her.

She is considering telling him the truth to halt his plans of formalizing the marriage soon through the registry.

Read the story below:


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