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Isbae U gets surprising answer after questioning Oba Solomon’s divine calling (video)

Popular comedian and podcaster, Isbae U gets an unexpected response after asking the prophet, Oba Solomon whether God truly called him to serve.

The skit maker, for his latest episode of his ‘Curiosity Made Me Ask’ podcast, invited Oba Solomon for a discussion.

A snippet from the podcast shows Isbae U questioning Oba Solomon’s clergy status.

He asked him whether he does what he does because he believes that he has been called by God to serve, or whether he is into it to make money and put food on his table.

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Shockingly, Oba Solomon calmly replied to him by asking him to go and ask himself and his generation such a question.

Isbae U asked …

“Were you truly called by God, or are you just doing this to put food on your table?”

Oba Solomon replied …

“You can ask your generation.”

Watch Video below.

Reactions have followed …

  1. @xzavier_rolling remarked: “Damn 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You can ask your generation”
  2. @Oluwa_sheyiii said: “Damn it. Finally you don jam who pass you.”
  3. @BigField02 remarked: “😂😂 I have to watch this clip like 4 times I can’t stop laughing 😂”
  4. @queengabbycute wrote: “Dey play 😂😂😂😂”
  5. @QhadeejahA76263 asked: “😂😂😂 warris dis”
  6. @HTvirus0 penned; “He said: “You can Ask your Generation”🤣🤣🤣”

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