LYRICS: Kaydeep – My Tears And Pains

Kaydeep – My Tears And Pains Lyrics Song

Is kaydeep on the damn digido
Damn digido damn digido
My tears and pains oo
(My tears and pains)
My tears and pains ooooo
(My tears and pains)
My tears and pains oo
Pain oo oooo yeah
(Bout to go down)

Would have been better if I never lost my dad (my dad )
Plus,would have been so better if I’m by my mama side(my side)
Tears been dropping sometimes the pain can’t be hide (cant hide)
Oh that feeling Got me rapping like I’m mad (arrhh)
I keep getting scared time to time when I’m remembering the past(my past)
Things can’t get changed since my life’s on sad (on sad)
Got me reacting like am daft,
People seeing me as a trash,(traash)
Can’t get over that ,
Since it’s my mind that runs the act
You could see me like am lazy,
Running around with my strategies,
Cause my world is outta aiding,
I’m done tryna make me ready,(ready)
To get change off the crazy(crae)
I’m done with it so y’all don’t come pleading changes(nah nah)
So get Off me (yo)
If i tell you how life has been when first I was been born
You won’t ever come to me and keep saying that am being wrong(ain’t being wrong thou)
If I brief in y’all the story some gon say yeah don’t stop(yeah don’t stop)
Cause y’all gon be emotional and some might be blunt (blunt thou)
So tell me y’all ,you ready to go in deep
With kaydeep some life story
Cause is about to go down here strictly(strict damn ly)
Cause I’m making it to sound so real

First, is about my mama how she suffers on me (I swear)
Sec, is all about how she only cater for me (only me)
Ain’t even talk about the 9 months have been hiding Inside in her stomach
Oh you wonna tell me she ain’t try all alone,
And carrying me on her back all alone,
Days to days, Place to place,
Ages to ages, Good astray,
So tell me hey, Why won’t I love my mama
Why won’t I love her, why wont I love my mama ,so back to me
I first started crawling ,never know what life is (life is)
When I started walking ,still don’t know how real it is (damn thou)
Of the world I’m in, How cruel it is
Until I was being tashed in, at the age seven
I was coming home on this f*cking sad day
From my mama shop,I think its on Thursday(thur)
Was running errand for her ,cause is bout to be the end sale
Of that sad day ,plus that bad day
I wish I had known what’s coming, (what’s gon happen)
I wish I had known what’s gon happen,(what’s gon happen)
Won’t have left my life with but (wont have left my life with but thou)
Won’t have left my life with but(wont have left my life with but thou)
With the part that my eyes got injured,
With the part I’m bout to have a seizure,
With the part I keep bleeding serious,(can’t lie)
Like I’m being cut by a scissors,(can’t go further)
No one there to take my pain
Off that sensitive place, of my body
Have been injured,so baaadly
To God be be the glory
Cause he take on control (yeah)
Ain’t even talk about the part ,
Of that sensitive part,
How it’s been plastered,
For like whole three month
And I was like oh God
And I’m still seven then I believe yall know how that shit hurt,(shit hurt)
Men ,I gotta stop all this tiktok (men I gotta stop)
Ain’t going through that all I’m not
I think its time to got on the full stop(on the full stop yeah)
Yeah, Ain’t taking no rap space off this list of damn rhymes
Cause the pain have been through all ain’t never ryme(I closed my eyes) sometimes (sometimes yeah)
Feeling like I’m not for life
But when I think about my mom
I got it all together at once
That ain’t gon let all her suffers got burnt
Cause I need to make her proud more long
Mom got me strong
Stronger than I can never be
(Never be)
Stronger than I can never be
(That ain’t gon never be)
Stronger than I can never be
Never be ,never be
Mom stay with me
Hold on with me when In pains(yo yo that’s how it is )
When am in tears and pains oo
My tears and pains ooo yeah
My tears and pains
My tears and pains o
My tears and pains o
My tears and pains
That’s how it is ain’t gon never back down
Its kaydeep right over here
My tears and pains, that’s how it is been through a hella things but ain’t gon never back down
That’s the real deal every time on time
Yall heard ,My tears and, my tears and pains o

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