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Linda De Sousa Abreu Video LEAKED From HMP Wandsworth Prison Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Linda De Sousa Abreu Video: A scandal has erupted at HMP Wandsworth in South London after a video surfaced showing former prison officer Linda De Sousa Abreu, 31, allegedly engaging in s*xual activity with an inmate. The explicit video, widely circulated online, has prompted the London Metropolitan Police to launch an investigation.

Linda De Sousa Abreu Video

Linda De Sousa Abreu Video Leaked
De Sousa Abreu, who resigned from her position following the incident, has been identified through an exclusive report by the Daily Mail. Her sister, Andreina, disclosed that De Sousa Abreu and her husband Nathan were participants on Channel 4’s show “Open House: The Great S*x Experiment” in 2023, a program focused on exploring the boundaries of relationships.

Andreina further revealed that De Sousa Abreu might have a secret account on the adult content platform OnlyFans and described her sister as a swinger. The scandal has led Andreina to remove De Sousa Abreu from her social media due to the negative attention from the explicit show and subsequent video.

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The Metropolitan Police have confirmed their awareness of the video and stated, “A police investigation is underway. At this early stage, there have been no arrests. We are in close contact with the Ministry of Justice.”

The HMP Prison Service acknowledged the incident, emphasizing their zero-tolerance policy towards staff corruption. “Staff corruption is not tolerated, and the former prison officer allegedly featured in this video has been reported to the police. It would be inappropriate to comment further while they investigate,” a spokesperson said.

Footage from the video shows De Sousa Abreu in uniform, engaging in s*xual acts with an unidentified prisoner while another inmate filmed the scene on a mobile phone. The cell, cluttered with clothes and featuring a television, became the setting for the explicit act that has shocked the prison community and beyond.

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Vanessa Frake, a former head of security at Wormwood Scrubs, expressed her outrage, calling the footage “shocking” and a disgrace to the prison service.

Linda De Sousa Abreu Video

Ian Acheson, a former prison governor, voiced serious security concerns, stating, “If this footage is authentic and I’ve been assured it is, the problems confronting a likely new Labour administration go far beyond overcrowding. This is a national law enforcement agency. The idea that recruits to it would even contemplate let alone participate in s*x acts is a stunning indictment of the utter chaos inside this prison. It won’t be an isolated incident.”

The scandal at HMP Wandsworth is not an isolated case; more than 80 prison staff have been sacked or reprimanded since 2013 for having inappropriate relationships with inmates. HMP Berwyn in North Wales holds the worst record, with 18 female staff found to have had relationships with inmates since the prison’s opening in 2017.

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The incident adds to the already tarnished reputation of HMP Wandsworth, which has been under scrutiny for poor conditions and security lapses. Last year, a damning report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons highlighted overcrowding, drug use, and insufficient management at the Victorian-era facility.

As the investigation continues, the case of Linda De Sousa Abreu serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing the UK prison system and the need for stringent measures to uphold integrity and security within its ranks.

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