LYRICS: Kaydeep – Tha Truth Gotta Be Heard

Kaydeep – Tha Truth Gotta Be Heard Lyrics

That’s how it is
Is kaydeep right over here
Tha truth gotta be heard
No more silence
Tha fact gotta be runned
Look at me
Look at you
We ain’t cool
Tha truth gotta be heard
Tha truth gotta be heard

So let me start from damn bottom bottom bottom
Tryna talk about the rules and the opposition
These ain’t no joke nor treating English preposition
Stating the facts on my flows go like preparation
That’s how it is this hit gon lame like an evolution
And every service getting wacked like a revolution
Ain’t treating scam am speaking fact like a truth to nation
So let me dare this government like a free stay to station
So let me start saying the truth this ain’t no lie to nation
That’s why am falsely taking truth like an aberration
So let me stay focus only focus to this nation

Am making this roles to those high power
I’m getting sweat up so wait a moment going to shower
I’m stating facts on going high to those top powers
This real wraith am sorry it can be a little sower
Nahh am getting sucked off with this
whole truth
Bad government given rules to wolve
Damn poverty putting cries to these whole crew
Am speaking truth now …so dont falsely say am rude
Being rude never speak about the strongly proof
So yall stay calm and listen to this bitter truth
I’m being cloned on two shot with this rugby mood
Secret being revealed but yall put us on threatening mute
Yeah it ain’t be good though
Suffering got most us in the zone
No eatings in days sadly turns to stroke
No strength no power causes lack of some bold
Thou I gat a lot of turned down
Turned out bad setting traps all along
Broke out people getting money not among
Being bad time people tryna hack my song
Yeah talking about the truth to dare
If i get wealth I really wonna share
Make some money put the pain onto bare
Life being bad never get too really rare
Guess I’m being weird sudden long
Writing the truth ain’t no ease writing more
I pray bad leadership will reck gone
More to long gone seeking with a must
Hella yeah getting tired of this rapping
I’m giving up on those words that ain’t charming
Killing people in this country got me counting
This is so sad men we done mourning

Yoloooooooo this country is on wooooooooo
You cant make it right right right
This has turn to left hahaha
I pray we get saved
I pray we get reigned
It dont matter what it takes
As long it’s on gain
God locate us
God locate us
Tha truth gotta be heard
For real
Tha truth gotta be heard
The truth gotta be heard
We in pain
God save us

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