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Mika Hoboken Missing, Where Is Mika Piaseczny?

Concerns are growing for the whereabouts of Mika Piaseczny, affectionately known as Mika, as authorities confirm her as a missing person. The announcement came at 12:08 AM on Friday, May 10th, following a distressing 24 hours with no contact from the young woman.

Mika was last seen departing from her workplace at Tavern 29 in New York City on Wednesday, May 8th. The last communication from her was a text message sent at 12:08 AM on Thursday, May 9th, indicating she was on her way home to Hoboken via the PATH train.

Her phone’s last known location was traced to the vicinity of 6th & Jackson in Hoboken, NJ, around 5:00 AM on Thursday, May 9th. Since then, there has been no further activity or communication from her.

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According to reports, Mika took the PATH train home from the city just after midnight on Thursday morning, May 9th, 2024. However, her whereabouts have remained unknown since her phone last pinged in Hoboken.

Authorities urge anyone with information or who may have been in the areas mentioned during the specified timeframe to come forward. “Any and all information is helpful,” stated authorities. They can be reached at 302-650-3129 or 609-752-4848. Additionally, the Hoboken Police Department can be contacted at 201-420-2100.

Friends, family, and community members have joined efforts to spread awareness about Mika’s disappearance on various social media platforms, hoping to gather any leads that might aid in locating her.

Mika Hoboken Missing Update
In a relieving turn of events, missing woman Mika Piaseczny, known as Mika, has been located and confirmed to be safe. The update comes after an intensive search and a wave of concern from her loved ones and the community.

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Following her disappearance after leaving work at Tavern 29 in New York City on Wednesday, May 8th, Mika’s whereabouts had remained unknown for a distressing 24 hours. However, authorities have confirmed that she has been found, bringing a sense of relief to those who had been tirelessly searching for her.

Details surrounding her discovery and current condition have not been disclosed, but the confirmation of her safety has been met with gratitude and relief from friends, family, and concerned citizens.

Efforts to locate Mika had garnered widespread attention and support, with appeals for information shared across social media platforms and communities. The news of her safe return has brought closure to what had been a tense period for those close to her.

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Authorities have not provided further information regarding the circumstances of Mika’s disappearance or her subsequent recovery. However, the focus now shifts to ensuring her well-being and providing any necessary support as she reunites with her loved ones.

The community is relieved to hear that Mika Piaseczny has been found and is safe. The support and cooperation displayed during this challenging time underscore the strength of community spirit in Hoboken and beyond.

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