Mohbad: Police begins investigations, deceased body to be exhumed

Mohbad: Police begins investigations, deceased body to be exhumed

Mohbad & Police
The Lagos State Police Department has so far detained the dead Mohbad’s family for questioning after launching special teams for justice on Monday.

Since the sudden death of the Nigerian, singer, Rapper and songwriter transpired, concerned civilians have cried for justice, especially after learning that he was allegedly assaulted to death by his ex-Label boss, Naira Marley.

So far, the Lagos state police who have kick-started their investigation have ordered that grieving civilians should let go of social media for now while also appealing to the public masses to excise patient.

Speaking about possibly arresting Naira Marley and his crew, they asserted that even though he is not in the country currently, it’s not going to preclude his arrest if he is needed for questioning.

There are reports that they have granted Mohbad and his wife’s statement that requested the need for the corpse exhumation and for an autopsy before it’s too late.

Nigerians have a massive need for more information which has been halted by the Nigerian Police Department as of Monday till further notice.

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