Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend (Official Video)

Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend

Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend

Mr. Eazi, a well-known musician from Nigeria and the creator of empawa Africa, has released the music video for his catchy hit song “Chop Time, No Friend.”

Through his early songs and mixtapes, Mr. Eazi spread and popularised the Banku Music genre, and the song “Chop Time, No Friend” best captures its lighthearted resurrection. A common Ghanaian adage, “Chop Time, No Friend,” is printed on the front or sides of buses and is akin to the saying “God is Great.”

He claims that it expresses the image of being totally preoccupied with the pleasure of eating, unconcerned about others, and concentrating only on one’s own delight.

For Mr Eazi, this phrase “Chop Time, No Friend,” describes his unwavering commitment to savoring the rewards of his success without allowing detractors to hinder his happiness. “Chop Time, No Friend” reflects his ability to remain undisturbed by gossip and criticism while reveling in the joys of life. It serves as a bold statement and a personal celebration, asserting that everything he touches turns to gold and that no one can disturb his peace.

Furthermore, the track, “Chop Time, No Friend” comes off his forthcoming album which houses 14 outstanding tracks.

Watch the video below.

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