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Oshi no ko chapter 122 leaked on reddit, Major spoilers to expect

Oshi no ko chapter 122 leaked on reddit, Major spoilers to expect

Oshi no ko chapter 122 leaked on reddit, Major spoilers to expect
Chapter 122 of Oshi no Son is scheduled to release on Thursday, June 29th at 12:00PM JST. Following the fascinating chapters released previously, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter. The manga itself can be read on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app.

In the previous chapter, Ruby Hoshino returned to her home when she was Sarina. There, she happened to see her mother, Marina, delighted with her new children.

Seeing this scene, Ruby was convinced that she brought bad luck to those around her, so her mother Marina left her, and Dr. Amamiya Goro and her mother Ai Hoshino also died.

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Although Aqua always knew that his younger sister Ruby was also a reincarnation, but he never knew her previous identity. However, with the previous chapter of Shinobu no Son, Aqua may finally have a clue.

Aqua overhears Ruby crying about her past and how she lost Marina, Ai and a doctor. Although Ruby didn’t mention the name Amamiya Goro, this clue must be enough for Aqua to know that Ruby is Tendoji Sarina from her previous life.

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However, it was hard to say what Aqua Hoshino would do with this information. With his focus on directing the film, he may wait until later to gather his thoughts and possibly reveal his former identity to Ruby.

Considering that producer Masa Kasimiya also stated that the shooting plan started two chapters ago, it is very likely that they will finally start filming in the 122nd chapter of “Ninja Son”. While Ruby Hoshino has yet to take rigorous acting lessons, the manga may drop her story and start filming.

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If that happens, fans will have to wait for the comics to reveal what happened to Ruby. Considering how badly she got hit in the previous chapter, it’s hard to say if she’ll ever return to normal.

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