Osusan Oluwatobi's Fraudulent Accident : 'When I Came Back Alive, They Cried For My Death'

Osusan Oluwatobi’s Fraudulent Accident : ‘When I Came Back Alive, They Cried For My Death’

“I do not add to it and I do not remove it. It is less than a minute before I get on the bike, unless we get it!” sọ “When I woke up, I saw that there were a lot of people screaming ‘Haa, this woman is gone, she’s pregnant.’ o! ran ~~~~ ni!!!!!!!!! Olu! Olu Olu! Olu Olu! Olu!!! Olu!!!!!!!! “!!!! that occurs. He even expressed his desire not to get pregnant at this time but as God intended.

The sound of “this sister is gone” was heard in her own ear. Ha July 7, 2020 was the worst day of the devil’s life when Oluwatobi came to heaven. Dok Doctors say the leg is broken beyond the threshold. , and surgery is required but the fetus can only be carried out until the fetus is nine months in pain and until the first six months of the baby’s life. Ninu “Infertility is not recommended for abortion so that you can have surgery because you cannot even use painkillers to reduce the pain as it will hurt the baby or leave the fetus unattended. ~~~~ Talk When the husband chooses, the wife chooses, both of them take a different approach.

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