Oyo House Of Assembly Approves ‘isese Day’ To Honour Traditional Worshippers

Oyo House Of Assembly Approves ‘isese Day’ To Honour Traditional Worshippers

The Oyo State House of Assembly has unanimously approved a motion to grant a special holiday to traditional worshippers, known as Isese, in the state.

As reported by Oyoaffairs, the motion was read by the Majority Leader, Hon. Sanjo Onaolapo, who emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions and beliefs of traditional worshippers.

He pointed out that several other states in the Southwest region have already designated August 20 as a special holiday for these worshippers.

Hon. Akintunde Olajide of the Lagelu Local Government acknowledged that Governor Seyi Makinde had previously expressed his support for granting a special day to celebrate Isese.

During the election campaign, the Governor publicly stated his intention to honor the request of traditional worshippers and urged them to bring their proposal to the State Assembly.

He also assured them that once the motion was passed by the Assembly, he would sign it into law.

The motion was sponsored by Hon. Sanjo Onaolapo, representing Ogbomosho South, Hon. Gbenga Oyekola representing Atiba, and Hon. Gabriel Akinjide representing Ibadan North Il at the Oyo State House of Assembly.

This historic decision by the Oyo State House of Assembly reflects a growing recognition and respect for the cultural and religious diversity within the state.

By designating a special day for traditional worshippers, Oyo State is setting an example for other regions to embrace and celebrate their rich heritage.

The approval of ‘Isese Day’ is a significant step towards fostering unity and inclusivity among all religious groups in Oyo State.

It acknowledges the importance of traditional worship and provides an opportunity for traditional worshippers to freely express their beliefs and traditions without discrimination.

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