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Pregnant Muslim lady seeks advice over husband who’s refusing to allow male doctor perform CS on her

A heavily pregnant lady, who’s expecting to deliver soon, seeks advice over her husband who has flatly refused to let a male doctor perform CS on her.

The lady expressed her ordeal while writing anonymously on a platform.

She revealed that she’s expected to deliver soon and when she and her husband visited their doctor for scans, he revealed that she would need a cesarean section delivery method.

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However, her husband has refused to let such happen, especially by the hands of a male doctor.

According to her, her husband said that it is a ‘haram’ for a man to see her nakedness.

“I am a niqabite 23yrs,my hubby is a tebliq 40yrs,I am 7month pregnant,the last time we visited d hospital(LASUTH),d doctor said | might do hubby is saying it’s haram 4a man to see my nakedness,pls do we have a female doc on the TL dat can come 2my house&help me in delivering my baby,”

she wrote.

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