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Ronda Rousey onlyF leaked on twitter and reddit

Ronda Rousey has been actively promoting her book “Our Fight” through a series of interviews, during which she has faced criticism for claiming she is unjustly disliked by fans and the mixed martial arts media.

Rousey has asserted that she is the greatest fighter of all time and attributed her losses solely to concussions. However, fans and MMA journalists quickly pointed out that her UFC career ended abruptly, followed by a transition to WWE.

Former UFC fighter and ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub also challenged claims in Rousey’s book regarding an altercation between him and her current husband, Travis Browne.

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Matt Brown, who holds the second-most knockouts in UFC history, addressed Rousey’s comments on the “Fighter vs. Writer” podcast by MMA Fighting.

“The first thing that comes to my mind is what’s the problem? Is she complaining? What’s the problem? Maybe people have said bad things about you. Welcome to being a human. Welcome to being famous. What did you expect?” Brown remarked on the podcast.

Brown acknowledged that Rousey appears “bitter” and “can’t accept” her losses, but emphasized that making excuses is “always the wrong thing.”

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“Even if you were injured, and I can relate to this because it’s happened to me. I’ve been injured in fights. I’ve been sick,” Brown explained.

“For her to think that she’s special because she had a concussion, it’s just silliness. I could look at a loss and give you all the reasons why I lost, but any time you say it out loud, it’s an excuse. It’s purely an excuse.”

Brown added that Rousey needs to come to terms with her losses and move on.

“I’ve got losses. I’ve got way more losses than Ronda. I’ve fought a lot more times than Ronda. But you don’t want to go around living that way, blaming other people for the way your life is or the way that you’re portrayed.”

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Brown also suggested that Rousey should exhibit “a little bit of humility” and consider hiring a public relations representative to guide her on public statements. While acknowledging Rousey’s likable qualities, he noted, “no one wants to hear the stuff that she’s saying.”

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