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Scenic Pools is under it, leaving Sydney households with holes in their backyards

Scenic Pools is under it, leaving Sydney households with holes in their backyards

Scenic Pools is under it, leaving Sydney households with holes in their backyards
A serious pool business suddenly collapsed, leaving clients with unfinished business and a pile of dust in their backyards.

Sydney-based Scenic Pools describes itself as a fiberglass construction company that aims for “total transparency”.

Company Homeowners emailed customers on May 3 to advise that the company was not buying or selling and that a liquidator would be in touch as soon as possible.

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But Scenic Pools went into liquidation and the company’s watchdog confirmed the company had gone into receivership on June 21.

A number of buyers have come forward to discover that the completion date for their swimming pools was delayed as much as the company’s collapse, and yet it has not been achieved.

They confronted the director earlier than receiving a convoluted collection of emails with excuses ranging from private dramas to staff shortages.

Rakesh Goel is the buyer of Scenic Pools, who was left with a large gap in his yard after the pool company suddenly collapsed.

Tony from North Curl on Sydney’s Northern Beaches was left with an empty pool tub and a big pile of dust after Scenic Pools went bankrupt.

Tony paid the company $84,000 for what he says is now mostly a partially built pool

Tony from North Curl Sydney’s Northern Beaches has an empty pool tub and a big pile of dust.

He had signed a contract with the company in May last year and work on the pool began in January.

While the digging of the pool has been going well, Tony mentioned that there have been several delays and cancellations throughout the pool.

His swimming pool enclosure was eventually delivered, but there have been further setbacks in filling his pool.

March 21 was the last day workers were confirmed at Tony’s property, despite nearly half the work still to be done.

Tony received an email on April 8 from David Afoa, one of the company’s many administrators, apologizing for the delay and saying it was due to a “family tragedy” and understaffing, which has since been laid off.

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“I will step in personally to give you the assurance that your assignment will be completed in April,” Mr Afoa wrote.

“All I ask is that you give me time and some flexibility during this incredibly difficult time.”

Tony obtained an April 8 email from one of the company’s many administrators, David Afoa, apologizing for the delay, saying it was due to a “family tragedy” as well as understaffing.

Pictured is a collection of emails Tony sent to Mr Afoa asking for urgent work to be carried out on his unfinished swimming pool.

As the work was not done, Tony continued to send further emails demanding to know what was going on, including the fact that the heavy rains were affecting the installation of the pool.

Mr. Afoa sent another email on April 17, blaming a lack of staff on the job, but said that if all went according to plan, he could receive staff next week.

Communication went back and forth until May 3rd, when Scenic Pools sent one final email claiming they were out of business.

“It comes with great sadness and regret that it was determined yesterday that Scenic Pools is no longer trading,” the email said.

“I hope you understand that this has been the most difficult decision we have had to make and we are devastated by the outcome.

Pictured is Tony’s pool in his backyard at North Curl Curl

Mr Afoa sent another email on April 17, blaming a lack of staff, but said if all went according to plan he could have a team in place within the next week.

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Scenic Pools notified customers in early May that the company was no longer in business

Our liquidator will be in touch regarding next steps and hopefully everything will be resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to contact you.

Tony paid the company $84,000 for what is now essentially a partially built pool.

“All they did was dig a hole and put a shell in there,” he mentioned.

Due to recent heavy rains, the body of the pool has changed and the bottom is now uneven.

Tony plans to spend another $80,000 to properly repair and fit the pool.

“My yard is unsafe and I have a swimming pool when it rains,” he mentioned.

Tony’s eldest son lives with extreme autism and the exposed backyard office has raised concerns he could be injured.

Mr. Doel paid $64,000 for what is now in his backyard. He had purchased a swimming pool from Scenic Pools for his three children

“He’s a runner and we have to follow him all the time because now my yard is unsafe,” Tony mentioned.

“It’s actually a construction zone.”

Another buyer, Rakesh Goel, from Kellyville in Sydney’s north-west, signed a contract with Scenic Pools at the end of last year, with work on his yard starting at the end of February 2023.

He paid $64,000 for his pool in April — 98 percent of the full value — he listed in the contract.

But Mr Doel, a father-of-three who bought the pool for his youngsters, said he felt he was being “rushed” into handing over the cash.

“I felt like I had to rush to get the money without thinking about finishing the job,” he mentioned.

Mr Doel now has a two-metre-deep open pit just a meter from where he lived as a child

“By the time I paid the rest, they were gone.”

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Now he has a good two-meter-deep hole, just a meter from where his parents live.

“I tried calling and emailing, but after so many attempts, they just sent a cancellation email,” Doel mentioned.

“My kids are the reason I wanted a pool and now my yard is in danger because I have this well so close to my house.”

The organization’s offering mentions that the investor pulled out at the last minute, which eventually led to the collapse of the company.

They said they had tried to liquidate the company so that customers could start insurance coverage immediately, but an internal dispute over the firm prevented them from doing so.

A spokesman for Scenic Pools told Daily Mail Australia that the company had entered receivership and Edwin Sanjesh Narayan had been appointed as administrator.

“We have served many satisfied customers throughout our history and have always adhered to our contractual obligations regarding payment terms and insurance,” they mentioned.

“Unfortunately, due to many external difficulties, the resignation of the director and general market and economic pressures, we are one of 2,000 construction companies that went bankrupt in the last 12 months and were unable to continue.

“This is very sad for our employees, customers and of course our own family. Of course, we hoped for a better outcome for everyone.

“Pool building is a very difficult business and has been hit hard across the country, with around one pool business closing every week as we deal with this downturn.

“Fortunately, we have all the right insurance policies in place in the event of insolvency, so any customer or creditor who has a claim, proof of debt or any other issue can contact the liquidator to make that claim and seek repayment.”

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