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See students who are not eligible for the federal student loan program

Ever since the federal government has signed the scholarship program for students across Nigeria, the people, even the students themselves, are sending themselves to school that they are ignoring.

The federal government of Nigeria did not know at that time that the students who are from government institutions will benefit from the program, and they will start paying money back after they find a job.

But now, why does it seem that what many students have been waiting for a long time will again pour cold water on their minds, with the federal government of Nigeria also announcing that all students who are in the federal government will only have access to the audio preview system.

Put your mind at ease
The CEO of the company that promotes the Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND), Mr. Akintunde Sawyerr, made the announcement recently.

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Sawyerr said that more than one million students (1.2m), who are from federal institutions across Nigeria will benefit from the first phase of the program.

The headmaster made this matter known on the last day of the Eti, when they were looking at the website where the students would go to register.

He said that those who have completed their education and put their name and identity before the group, will have this opportunity.

Sawyerr after this, by the twenty-fourth day of the fifth month of this year 2024, the students who have qualified will start their registration to borrow money.

But, while talking to reporters on Monday, yesterday, Sawyerr said that all students in public schools will benefit from this offer, and that those in federal schools will be the first to benefit. the.

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He said that after the students in the federal government have enjoyed the privilege in the first stage, it will soon apply to the students in the state government institutions across Nigeria.

Sawyerr, this program is among the promises and plans of the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to provide financial assistance to the remaining students.

He said this will be a way for them to benefit from the government’s educational system, and will remove the burden of paying their bills.

He also added that this version will not contain any interest, and that they will start returning the money after two years if they complete their mortgage program.

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Furthermore, this money will pay 100% of the school fees into their school budget, and the students will also receive some money every month for the time they will spend at school.

He also explained that among the features of this feature is that the NELFUND company should contact the students if they want to borrow money, and the necessary procedures for the students to register on their account.

That’s how you use your word that those who work together with different companies that will help when things don’t go well with the program, and they are also working with several security companies to fight against fraud.

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