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South African man comes under f!re after he asked a lady to refund the money he spent on their date because she rejǝcted him

South Africa general economy pics. South African Rand currency notes and coins are shown on Thursday, June 22 2017 in Johannesburg. Pic: Waldo Swiegers
Netizens have dragged the living daylight out of a South African man who asked his date to refund the money he spent on her while they were hanging out.

The young man who shared a screenshot of the chat where he asked for the refund expected the support of people but got the opposite.

He had advised young men like himself to ask for a refund whenever a date they have spent money on turned them down.

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Contrary to his expectations, the lady requested his account number and reimbursed his money with interest.

While the majority have criticized him for his actions, others shared that his attitude might have been why she turned him down.

Below are some of the reactions;

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@reallifeacting1: Her instincts were right about you.

@Kim_laura1: He must also refund my fuel, make up and clothes money. Thank you

@barrbiye: She is so real because men will pay for your pizza and a coke and think they are changing your life. Let me refund you broke boy

@RXT4L: Never take money from paupers she saw he needed it more than she does and paid him with interest

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@pumpkin: I hate the fact that some men feel like women aren’t allowed to have choices. Do people even live in the real world? You go on a date and feel like the person is entitled to accepting your proposal.

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