Sugarloaf mills shooting today, whats happened active shooter news Lawrence ville GA

Sugarloaf mills shooting today, whats happened active shooter news Lawrence ville GA

Sugarloaf mills shooting today, whats happened active shooter news Lawrence ville GA
For Elijah DeWitt’s parents, the past five months have been described as a “daily nightmare”.

DeWitt, a standout football and baseball player at Jefferson High School, was shot and killed Oct. 5 in the parking lot of Sugarloaf Mills, just outside Dave and Buster. The incident has been described as an attempted robbery.

Now, DeWitt’s family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the mall, its owner and security, as well as Dave and Buster.

“This was not our dream for our son,” Elijah’s parents, Craig and Dawn DeWitt, said in a statement released Friday by their attorneys. “Instead, it has become a daily nightmare from which we cannot wake up.

“We are constantly reminded of the opportunities and moments taken from him, and we sincerely hope that we can use our voices to help bring about change and prevent another family from having to go through something similar in the future.”

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The lawsuit, filed this week, names several defendants, including Simon Property Group, Sugarloaf Mills Limited Partnership, Universal Protection Service LLC, Dave and Buster’s of Georgia LLC, Sugarloaf Mills Director of Safety Jason Choy and five individuals identified as “JohnDos1” people. – “. 5.”

The suit alleges that the defendants failed to protect the mall’s premises; admitted to causing a public nuisance; were negligent in their employee recruitment, training, monitoring, and retention practices; and failed to voluntarily assume their duty of care for Elijah DeWitt.

“If companies know their property is dangerous — whether because of crime or other dangerous activity there — they have two options,” said attorney Michael Rafi.

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“(One) warn visitors so they understand the danger and make an informed decision about entering the hotel, or (two) not warn the visitor, then they must operate using common sense.” Security measures to protect customers unaware of danger people. These defendants failed to warn people or keep them safe. “

Allegations made in the lawsuit include that Sugarloaf Mills had crime-related problems long before DeWitt was shot and that mall owners and security, as well as Dave and Buster officials, did not do enough to solve these problems.

“Prior to October 5, 2022, there were numerous reports of criminal and dangerous activity on and near the premises, including aggravated assaults, robberies, burglaries and firearms-related crimes known to the accused,” the statement said of legal action .

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“For this and other reasons, the defendant could reasonably have foreseen that dangerous criminal activity took place on the premises. The defendant committed negligent conduct on multiple counts, including failure to comply with industry standards, internal standards, and negligence itself.”

Chandler Richardson and Kemare Bryan are awaiting trial for murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm, as well as certain offenses related to the death of a juvenile. The indictment hearing against Richardson was held Friday morning.

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