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Suspect dies in prison in Ilorin, law enforcement explains what killed him

A 63-year-old man, Alhaji Taye Hussein Abubakar, was reportedly shot dead after he came from the Oke-Kura Prison, in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State.

On Eti Day, the 10th day of the fifth month, the year 2024, the event took place at about eight o’clock in the morning.

Investigation showed that Abubakar is a land seller, and he sold a piece of land to some of his clients who live in a small town in Ilorin.

This land issue became a problem between him and those who bought the land from him, and they took him to court.

Investigation also confirmed that the deceased land seller has been in prison for a few months now.

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The family criticized the court, the prison system over the death of Abubakar
BBC Yoruba spoke to a man from the deceased’s family, who will read the register freely, and shed light on the matter.

This man criticized the court and the prison organization on the incident.

He said, “The land issue became the issue of the case in which the person was brought before the court, the court accepted Abubakar’s bail but he did not appear on the day the court adjourned my trial because of his illness.

“They were very strict and locked him up since then which has been about four to five months now. They did not take him to the court but they killed him and sent him to the Oke-Kura prison garden.

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“If they should give him the second chance, how he wants to give back to those who made money from the land in the prison garden they were put in.

“We went to the judge with the defendants and begged him to get his bail again, but all our efforts probably failed.

“On the day of Eti, we heard that they took him to the hospital, some said that he died on the way, others said that he died while receiving treatment in the hospital. His health was good, and the judge knew that .

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BBC Yoruba also spoke to the head of the Kwara State Prison, that is Phillip Adegbulugbe, and confirmed the matter.

He said the deceased died at the hospital due to kidney related illness.

“He died at the Ilorin General Hospital, I saw his files at the hospital that confirmed his illness, on Thursday evening they took him to the hospital.

“It is not dead to our fox as some people are proclaiming, it is dead to us”.

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