Terry G Reveals He’s The Jesus Of Nigerian Musician


The legendary Nigerian singer Terry G also known as the Akpako master as claims he is the messiah of music in Nigeria.

According to him, he set the pace for the present trend of his kind of music in the Nigerian music industry.

Gabriel Oche Amanyim professionally known as Terry G described many Nigerians as hypocrites, adding that in recent times, they have embraced and supported most of the things he was criticized for doing as an artist in the past while speaking in an interview with Channels TV.

”I’m the Jesus of Nigerian music, I’m not the Christ. The Christ is the savior, Jesus is a name, and for the fact that Jesus is the most popular name that died for us and sacrificed for us.


”It took me a while to take this risk that a lot of persons discriminated against me for and now, they see people smoking, doing stuff and nobody is talking. There must be a pace-setter.”

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