"The Driver Mix Black Bullet with Jedi" - Accident on Ogudu Bridge, Lagos (See Photos)

“The Driver Mix Black Bullet with Jedi” – Accident on Ogudu Bridge, Lagos (See Photos)

The nature of an accident that occurred on Ogudu bridge, Lagos this morning has had people wondering the moments leading to such an accident.

In a series of photos shared by Twitter user, Clemence Eki, a dump-truck is seen in a rather weird position on the bridge — its two front wheels had been plunged over the bridge railings while the rest of its body was on the main road.

Clemence, sharing the photos wrote,

This is madness on a rainy morning in Lagos on the Ogudu bridge

See photos below,

Here’s how some Nigerians reacted to the tweet below,

There is nothing spiritual happening on this, the recurring accidents are just clinical case of engineering and structural failure. Most of these trucks don’t have the propulsion to climb this bridge, and the friction to sustain the climb.

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How come, omo what’s this — Over speeding.
the roads are wet, the tyres are old and tired, there was no friction between the tyres and the asphalt when the idiot matched the break.

Imagine this trailer lands on someone’s head

Stop watching fast n furious. Una no go hear

This driver don mix black bullet with jedi

They must have poured vodka in the petrol tank. The truck’s position looks like it wanted to commit suicide

The traffic is terrible, we are all sleeping here today.the question is still how come?brake failure or sleeping ,the only thing that comes to mind

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