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Two strangers try to grab Jinnytty’s equipment, steal hat during Belgium livestream

Twitch IRL streamer Yoonjin “Jinnytty” recently had an encounter with two strangers while streaming from Belgium. The creator was in the streets of Leuven and singing songs as part of an ongoing public event when the two men came up to her. They posed for her camera when she turned it towards them.

However, this is when things turned nefarious, as the two tried to grab her streaming equipment. However, Jinnytty did not let them take it. They then grabbed her hat instead and could be seen trying it on before running away with it. After going after them, she gave up and shouted out:
“What are you doing? Bring back my hat! My Holland hat! They took away my hat! Thief!”

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Jinnytty gets hat stolen in the streets of Belgium during live stream

[Timestamp: 12:49:19]Jinnytty is currently on a self-described “Wobblethon,” involving her traveling across Belgium and going from city to city to find “hidden gems” while cycling her entire way through. The creator was on the fourth day of her tour when the incident took place toward the end of the stream.After having her hat taken away, the creator looked visibly unappeased with the situation. However, she hilariously said:
“That’s okay… You know what, it’s their loss anyway. That hat smells anyway with my non-showered hair.”

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Addressing her audience, she also stated that the men had tried to grab her camera as well:
“They actually grabbed you guys, they actually tried to steal you- steal (the) phone. But then they stopped it, and then they just took my hat.”
IRL broadcasts often involve streamers having entertaining encounters with strangers and fans. However, similar to Jinnytty, these interactions can sometimes go awry and result in the violation of the streamer’s property or personal space.

A similar scenario took place involving YouTube streamer IShowSpeed while he was visiting Norway. The creator is known to attract large crowds wherever he visits. However, things quickly went out of hand as he was leaving a store. The creator was swarmed by fans, with many even pulling his hair and clothes.One individual performed a WWE-style move and jumped onto the streaming, after leaping off the creator’s car. Interestingly, the individual later made his way inside the car. A POV of this fan has since been doing the rounds on social media, showcasing him both leaping off the car and later recording Speed from inside it.

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