Two suspects being hunted by Spanish police over ‘gang-rape’ of Brit tourist in Magaluf are arrested in France

Two suspects who were being hunted by police over the alleged gang r@pe of a British tourist in Magaluf have been arrested in France.

Two suspects being hunted by Spanish police over ‘gang-r@pe’ of Brit tourist in Magaluf are arrested in France
Police were looking for two people in relation to the alleged gang rape of a British tourist in Magaluf, and they have now been detained in France.

Spanish authorities had issued a European Arrest Warrant for the pair after up to eight men were accused of attacking an 18-year-old girl at a party hotel on the island of Majorca last week.

The girl fled a hotel room after believing she had been attacked by up to eight men at around 5am last Monday, August 14, telling police she had woken up surrounded by young people holding mobile phones.

Officers later identified three men by ringing the girl’s phone, which it was claimed had been stolen during the ordeal. The police lured them to a meeting where a total of six suspects were taken into custody.

The police in France made the latest arrests after Spanish cops discovered the remaining two suspects had flown to Germany before crossing the border en route to the French city of Strasbourg.

The pair now face extradition to Majorca, while Civil Guard officers announced today their probe to identify the men involved had now concluded.

A spokesman for the force said: ‘The Civil Guard has closed the investigation sparked by the alleged gang rape that took place in a hotel in Magaluf in the early hours of August 14.’

He added: ‘Officers saw early on the complexity of the investigation, as the alleged aggressors didn’t form part of the same group of friends but encouraged by other participants, had allegedly joined the group action in sporadic acts, meaning no type of relationship existed between them.’

Confirming the first six suspects had been held the day of the alleged sex attack and remanded in prison, the force said in a statement: ‘The probe continued to identify the two young men whose arrests were pending.

‘One they had been identified, officers discovered they had taken a flight to Baden-Baden in Germany so they could head to their homes in the Strasbourg area.

‘The Civil Guard sought the assistance of the French authorities through the normal channels and issued European Arrest Warrants to avoid them evading justice.

‘On Sunday the French police confirmed they arrested one of them in the French locality of Scherwiller before subsequently confirming a second arrest at Basilea Mulhouse Freiburg Airport in France, when that suspect was trying to take a flight to Turkey to avoid detention.’

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