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Umpauva Genshin Impact, how to get the mission chest Umpauva

Umpauva Genshin Impact, how to get the mission chest Umpauva

Umpauva Genshin Impact, how to get the mission chest Umpauva

A new Genshin Impact leak reveals that the second half of the v4.0 banner will feature Anemo user Sayu and Geo DPS character Noelle. It has been confirmed that Genshin Impact version 4.0 will introduce the Freminet, a frozen vessel based in Fontaine, along with a penguin companion named Pers.

In addition to Zhongli and Childe replaying the banner, the latest version also allows players to acquire new four-star characters to expand their roster.

Genshin Impact does a great job of engaging players with a host of new content such as celebrations, battle pass items, and event wishes. The game recently introduced a brand new area and a roster of playable units designed to wow players. These entities included siblings Lyney and Lynette from the Fontaine region, who played key roles in the continuing Archon history. Players can learn more details about Fontaine’s story and personality by completing story missions scattered throughout Fontaine.

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A recent Genshin Impact leak posted by Reddit user InflationOnly3229 suggests that four-star characters Noelle and Sayu will appear on banners in the second half of patch 4.0. Players may use Intertwined Fate to pull them off the banner, which costs a certain amount of raw gems. The leaked information also confirms that, like its siblings Lyney and Lynette, the Freminet has a lower four-star rarity. Interested players can read about the leak here.

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A lot of people in the comments didn’t seem impressed by the upcoming banner, with some claiming they’d be keeping a guaranteed slot for Genshin Impact’s Neuvillette, which is coming later this year in version 4.1. Some also said they already had Noelle and Sayu on their roster. The good news for players is that they can unlock more constellations by acquiring replicas of these characters.

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Genshin Impact Geo user Noelle entered the game in 2021, a character that allows players to wield the Claymore weapon type. She’s a beginner’s wish guarantee and has easy-to-learn skills. Sayu, on the other hand, is an Anemo user with great utility and healing abilities. She acts as a support character and deals area damage with a dash attack.

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