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VIDEO: Woman Caught On CCTV Stealing A Phone From A Wine Shop

A woman was caught on CCTV stealing a mobile phone from a wine shop attendant. The incident happened in the afternoon at a local wine shop.

The footage shows the woman inside the shop, pretending to be a customer interested in buying a bottle of wine. When the shop attendant asked her what she wanted, the woman named a specific brand. As the attendant turned to get the bottle from the shelf, the woman quickly picked up the attendant’s phone from the counter with her left hand and put it in her bag.

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The shop attendant, unaware of what happened, continued to help the woman. It wasn’t until later that the attendant noticed her phone was missing. After checking the CCTV footage, the theft was discovered.

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The shop owner has placed a ₦50,000 bounty on the thief. If you recognize this woman or have any information, please contact the local authorities.

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