“Wahala Be Like Bicycle”- Reactions As Singer, Ayra Starr Reveal Real Reason Why She Doesn’t Carry Fela on Her Head


“Wahala Be Like Bicycle”- Reactions As Singer, Ayra Starr Reveal Real Reason Why She Doesn’t Carry Fela on Her Head

Fela Kuti, Ayra Starr

Fela Kuti is by far one of the most renowned Afrobeats legends of his time and our time. He is hailed essentially as the godfather of Afrobeats.

There is no talking about Afrobeats or its history without mention of the name, Fela Kuti.

Because of this, a number of artistes today especially the male artistes look up to Fela and try to emulate him or incorporate him in one way or another into their life and their craft.

In fact, Nigerian singer Wizkid has a big tattoo of Fela on his arm. However, not every single Nigerian singer carries Fela on their head.

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr during an interview with HypeBae opened up about why she for one doesn’t carry Fela on her head and instead chooses to carry the works of somebody else from that time. Here’s what Ayra said.

What many people don’t know is that on the song “Sare” from Ayra Starr’s EP, she sampled a song by the Lijadu Sisters called “Orere Elejigbo”. When asked what about their music resonates with her so much, Ayra Starr said:

Yeah, you know like Fela — everybody loves Fela. So a lot of male musicians always just sing about Fela or try to dress like him, or just sample his music and all that. It’s a lot. Fela is really a legend. So I thought to myself, “Who were the female artists doing big things back then that nobody talks about?” So I went to do my research and I found them, and I was just so amazed. I was like, no one knows them and these people are so amazing. They were doing big things back then and it’s just a wonder how people don’t know them.

The way men carry Fela, that’s the same way I want women to carry these women that have worked so hard and people have forgotten their name. So I wanted to bring them back to the conversation, you know. These are powerful women that did amazing things. Let’s look up to them. That’s what I wanted to do.

When I make music, I just really like to empower people however I can. People that need empowering. If you’ve been bullied before, you’d love “Away.” If you’ve been heartbroken, you’d love “Away.” If you’re a feminist, you’d love “Away.” I just really like to empower people. The people that are not added to the equation. I just like to make everybody feel like they are one. The Lijadu Sister — what they did was so powerful, and I want to be able to do that too, not only in terms of feminism but in different aspects of life. I want people to feel like they are listening to somebody that is speaking their mind.

I for one actually really like this. While Fela is revered for the incredible talent that he is and there is no doubt that he is a legend, it’s also good that we celebrate other people too from that time. The fact that Ayra is lifting up the voices of the unsung women from that time is just something I love and appreciate so much.

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