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WATCH: Single Mom Birthday Cake TikTok Viral Video On Reddit, Who Are Elizabeth Teckenbrock and Her Ex-Husband?

Elizabeth Teckenbrock, known on TikTok as @morethanelizabeth, became an overnight sensation after posting a heartfelt video of herself baking her birthday cake while tearfully reflecting on the challenges of being a single mom. The video, which depicted a raw and emotional moment set to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years,” quickly amassed millions of views and likes, resonating deeply with viewers around the globe.

Single Mom Birthday Cake Viral Video
In the video, Elizabeth poignantly noted, “Being a single mom is making your own birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you.” Support poured in from TikTok users, praising her strength and dedication.

However, the heartwarming narrative soon took a contentious turn. Elizabeth’s ex-husband, Andrew Cormier (@reinventingelizabeth), responded with a series of videos accusing her of deceit. Andrew alleged that Elizabeth had faked having cancer, failed to pay $21,175.29 in child support, and had been involved in fraudulent activities, including cheque fraud and theft.

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Andrew’s videos, backed by legal documents and medical scans, painted a starkly different picture of Elizabeth. He revealed that he had full custody of their children and accused Elizabeth of seldom seeing them. He claimed, “She was also arrested for cheque fraud, and during that hearing, it turned out that she stole almost a million dollars from another guy.”

What Happened With Elizabeth Teckenbrock?
In a video response on May 25, 2024, Elizabeth addressed these allegations, providing her version of events. She explained the cheque fraud incident as a misunderstanding involving her personal account. “I cashed a cheque out of our, out of my account to open a new private account of my own. And I cashed to put it in there, and before that cheque cleared, it bounced,” she clarified.

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Elizabeth also accused Andrew of being abusive during their marriage, attributing her actions and state of mind to trauma-induced psychosis. She alleged that other women had also filed restraining orders against him and claimed that he was a “Scientologist” committed to ruining her life, a claim Andrew vehemently denied.

“I have always said, I don’t care what he does to me, what I care about, what I care about is my children,” Elizabeth stated, emphasizing her focus on her children’s well-being.

The escalating dispute led to Elizabeth deleting her TikTok account amidst the backlash and harassment she received following Andrew’s allegations. Despite the controversy, she reached out to The Daily Dot, expressing that she did not deserve the animosity directed at her and reaffirming her primary concern for her children. “I’m just a mom who posts on TikTok for fun. And what he did isn’t OK,” she said.

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As of May 26, 2024, the public battle between Elizabeth and Andrew continues to unfold, with each party standing firm in their narrative. Elizabeth’s viral birthday cake video, initially a symbol of resilience and single motherhood, has now become a focal point of a much broader and more complex personal dispute.

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