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WATCH: Video de Mel Maia Inteligencia Artificial LEAKED Viral On Twitter, Video Mel Maia e Corolla

Video de Mel Maia Inteligencia Artificial: In a recent social media uproar, actress Mel Maia, 20, has firmly denied the authenticity of an alleged intimate video circulating online. The footage purportedly depicts her alongside William Sousa Guedes, alias Corolla, a notorious figure associated with drug trafficking under Comando Vermelho.

Video de Mel Maia Inteligencia Artificial
The controversy erupted when the video, described as a deepfake—a synthetic media where AI superimposes faces onto existing footage—surfaced on various platforms. Mel Maia took to her Instagram on Thursday (4) to set the record straight amidst swirling rumors and misinformation.

“Everyone knows it’s an artificial intelligence video, but everyone insists on saying it’s real. Do you think I would in my right mind let someone make a video of me like that?” Mel Maia expressed in her Instagram Stories, addressing the fabricated nature of the video and dismissing the unfounded claims surrounding her.

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The young actress, currently romantically linked with Portuguese surfer João Maria, lamented the pervasive nature of online falsehoods, recounting past instances where baseless rumors have plagued her public image. “Since I was 5 years old, I have been forced to see horrible things about myself on the internet. Nothing new under the sun. It will be like this now, tomorrow, until the end of my career. I am living my life very well,” she asserted passionately.

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The emergence of this deepfake video has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for legal action against those responsible for its creation and dissemination. Supporters of Mel Maia have rallied behind her, urging swift justice to combat the malicious intent behind such fabricated content.

Corolla, whose real identity is William Sousa Guedes, remains a central figure in this controversy. He was apprehended on Wednesday (3) during a police operation in Jacarezinho, Rio de Janeiro, underscoring the gravity of the situation surrounding the falsified video.

As Mel Maia continues to navigate the fallout from this disturbing incident, her resilience and forthrightness serve as a testament to her steadfast determination in the face of adversity. The actress remains focused on her career and personal life, undeterred by the waves of misinformation that occasionally threaten to overshadow her achievements.

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