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WATCH: Video Maeva Ghennam Operation Story LEAK On Telegram and Twitter

Maeva Ghennam, a prominent figure in French reality TV and social media, is at the center of a controversy following the accidental leak of a private video. Known for her appearances on the popular reality show Les Marseillais, Ghennam’s personal video showcasing the results of her recent surgeries was inadvertently made public, sparking widespread attention and backlash.

Video Maeva Ghennam Operation
On July 1, Ghennam, who has been candid about her journey with cosmetic surgeries, recorded a video of herself naked to observe the outcomes of her latest procedures. She intended to share this video privately with a friend on Snapchat. However, the friend mistakenly posted it on their public story, leading to the video being rapidly saved and circulated by other users.

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Ghennam, who has amassed over 5 million followers across various social media platforms, reacted with distress to the incident. In an initial Snapchat video, followed by a heartfelt Instagram post, she expressed her trauma and pleaded with her followers to report the video to prevent further sharing.

“Please report the content so that people stop sharing it. Please, I beg you, and stop sending me what is being said, I beg you,” Ghennam urged her audience.

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In her Instagram post, Ghennam also shared her deep regrets regarding her past decisions to undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries. “I regret all the surgeries I have had. I had surgery to try to reduce these surgeries and become more natural. I can’t remove everything at once; it’s a long process. A process that is destroying my life, I will never forgive myself for it,” she wrote.

She continued, “All this because for years I made the worst mistakes of my life by wanting to distance myself from my body which made me very self-conscious. Today I want to remove it because I am horrible. Now my body is disproportionate all because of this.”

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Maeva Melissa Dora Ghennam, born on May 14, 1997, in Marseille, has built a significant career as a reality TV star, influencer, and businesswoman. Before her rise to fame, Ghennam worked as a dental assistant. Her breakthrough came with her participation in Les Marseillais: Australia, where her vibrant personality quickly made her a standout figure.

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