“Wizkid Is A Born Star, Davido Was The Underdog” – Akon Say on Interview Video

“Wizkid Is A Born Star, Davido Was The Underdog” – Akon Spills

According to American singer and record label executive, Akon, Afrobeats have been popularized around the world by Nigerian musicians Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy,

In an interview with renowned American radio DJ Sway, Akon asserted that the three giants are transforming Nigerian music.

Wizkid was referred to by the singer as a Superstar and a born star. Wizkid is the biggest name in the industry and, in his eyes, the embodiment of Afrobeat.

Wizkid is one of those artists, he said, who releases one tune year that remains on the charts for the entire year.

“Wizkid is probably the poster child of Afrobeat and he is the biggest name”.

He added, “Wizkid is just a superstar, he is one of those guys that put up one record a year and the record last a whole year. He is a born star without a doubt”.

He labeled Davido as a hard working artist when speaking of him. Although he had the support of his wealthy family, Davido is seen by him as an underdog who had to work hard to get where he is.

Davido is the hardest working. He was the underdog but what he has as support was his wealthy family, so he was able to come out every week with a new song and new video. He got more song than any Afrobeat artiste”.

Lastly, speaking about African giant, Burna Boy, Akon described him as he beast.

He said, “Burna Boy us a beast, he’s representing the culture on a level it needs to be represented on”.

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