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Woman is left half naked while trying to climb a gate to rob a house (video)

In the recording you can see the woman stuck in the gate, she was left without her pants when trying to carry out an assault at night in a home.

A woman was left half naked after her pants got caught in the gate she tried to climb to enter a house to rob, according to a home security video.

The images show the female at the gate , but her pants got tangled in the spikes of the property’s fence, so she ended up half-naked.

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“Despite the uncomfortable situation, the woman managed to get down from the gate and put it on to continue with her goal,” the video says.

The woman entered the home, but apparently did not take anything of value and fled the scene.

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According to international media, the criminal action occurred in the commune of Maipú, in Santiago, Chile, on May 7, 2024.

Watch the video below.

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