You are a Disgrace to Motherhood”- Iyabo Ojo slams Bukky Black for Defending Actor, Baba Ijesha

Actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to her page to berate Bukky Black, who has taken sides with Baba Ijesha in the ongoing alleged rape case.

Bukky Black believes Ijesha isn’t guilty of the said crime. According to her ‘the Baba Ijesha’ she knows isn’t capable of doing such as he has always been shy around women. (Read here)

Iyabo was utterly disgusted by Bukky’s comment and she called her a “disgrace to motherhood”.

In her words ;

You are a disgrace to motherhood BukkyBlack. You are a disgrace to women in general. So because Baba Ijesha is your friend, we should sweep it under the carpet. So they set an impotent man u and he still had the power to molest a teenager.

Is you ear paining you? Did you not hear his confession where they were telling him he did it years ago and he came back to do it again claiming the world is working against him.

Your grandchild should be taken away from you because you are telling me that if someone you know that you love passionately should assault your granddaughter and she comes to you and say Grandma this person assaulted me, you will tell her to shut up and look away because that person that committed that crime is somebody you love so much.”