Young Lady Breaks Down in Tears After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her For Going to A Funeral (Watch Video)

A young lady has been captured on camera literally crying a river after her boyfriend of 7-years dumped her for going to the lavish burial ceremony of Obi Cubana’s mother held at Oba.

The lady apparently defied her boyfriend’s order not to go to the funeral and upon return, the guy ended the relationship just like that. The lady who appeared inconsolable as her friends swarmed around her trying to calm her down, blurted out that she can’t live without the guy.

Her friends advised her to call the guy over the phone to explain things to him but the guy, once he was contacted, was heard saying via loudspeaker that he’s done with her and consequently warned her never to call him again.

Watch the video;

This report is akin to a similar story of a young lady who was spotted drenched in tears after her boyfriend allegedly tore her fragile heart into pieces has evoked massive reactions online.

While the unnamed girl sat on the floor and freely expressed her disappointment in the form of uncontrollable tears, her friends mocked her and told her ‘broken heart will reach everybody.’

Watch the video below;