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Youtuber Sham Idrees reacts to Ducky Bhai’s wife Aroob Jatoi’s deepfake video

Canadian influencer Sham Idrees has spoken out against the recent viral deepfake video featuring Aroob Jatoi, the wife of Ducky Bhai, describing it as a “mockery” and a painful reminder of past disputes.

Idrees, known for his social media presence, addressed the controversy, highlighting a history of conflict with Ducky Bhai. He recalled previous instances where Ducky Bhai targeted his own wife, Froggy, in videos, which had sparked widespread criticism.

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Expressing sympathy for Ducky Bhai’s family, Idris emphasized the violation of privacy inherent in such videos. However, he also criticized Ducky Bhai’s actions as hypocritical, given his own past behavior.

Idrees shared the personal toll of such public scrutiny, revealing the emotional pain it caused, even leading to thoughts of suicide. Despite this, he chose to rely on his faith and move forward.

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Directing his message to Ducky Bhai, Idrees offered prayers for his well-being while cautioning him about the consequences of his actions. He reminded Ducky Bhai of the impact his videos can have on others and urged him to consider the repercussions before sharing content online.

The ongoing feud between Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai stems from past incidents where Ducky Bhai targeted Idris’s wife, Froggy, sparking widespread backlash on social media.

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Ducky Bhai had previously offered a reward for information leading to the identification of those responsible for creating and sharing the deepfake video of his wife, Aroob Jatoi.

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