Avicii’s Last Words Before 2018 Suicide

Avicii’s Last Words Before 2018 Suicide

Avicii was a Swedish DJ and musician born as Tim Bergling on September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden.

He was best known for his electronic dance music (EDM) hits and was considered a pioneer in the genre.

Avicii means “the lowest level of Buddhist hell” in Buddhism, and he chose the name because his real name was already used upon creating his MySpace page.

He began making hits at the age of 16 and rose to fame with his 2011 single “Levels”.

He released two studio albums, “True” in 2013 and “Stories” in 2015, and collaborated with many other artists throughout his career.

Avicii died on April 20, 2018, at the age of 28 in Muscat, Oman.

The exact cause of his death was not initially released, but it was later revealed that he died by suicide.

His music and influence on the EDM genre continue to be celebrated by fans and fellow musicians.

In 2021, a biography titled “Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii” was released, and a second documentary about his life is set to be released in 2023.

In addition, an Avicii Tribute Museum opened in Stockholm in February 2022.

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Despite his success, the DJ faced challenges in his personal life, including health issues and struggles with fame and touring.

His death was a shock to the music world, and many celebrities and fans shared their sadness and respects for the young producer and EDM pioneer on social media.

Avicii death
Avicii was known for his contributions to the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, and rose to fame with hits like “Levels” and “Wake Me Up”.

However, behind his success, the Swedish DJ struggled with mental health issues and the pressures of the music industry.

On April 20, 2018, Avicii was found dead in his hotel room in Muscat, Oman at the age of 28.

His death was confirmed as suicide by his family, who stated that he had been struggling with his mental health for some time:

Avicii’s death had a significant impact on the music industry and his fans worldwide.

His death brought attention to the importance of mental health in the music industry.

Many artists and industry professionals started discussing the pressures and challenges faced by musicians and the need for better support systems.

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Fellow artists and celebrities paid tribute to Avicii after his death, expressing their sadness and respect for his talent and contributions to music.

Avicii’s influence on the EDM genre was widely recognized, and he was hailed as an icon and an inspiration by many artists.

In June 2020, it was announced that an Avicii Tribute Museum would open in Stockholm, Sweden, to celebrate his life and legacy. The museum, renamed the Avicii Experience, was opened in February 2022.

Avicii’s death highlighted the importance of mental health and the challenges faced by artists in the music industry.

It sparked conversations and initiatives aimed at providing better support and resources for musicians.

His music continues to inspire and resonate with fans around the world, leaving a lasting impact on the EDM genre.

Avicii final words
Avicii’s last diary entries, written just one day before his death, was published in Måns Mosesson’s book, “Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii”.

In his final entry, Avicii wrote;

“The shedding of the soul is the last attachment, before it restarts!”.

He also wrote about his newfound enlightenment, saying;

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“It feels like I am in a new default mode of being which is very new and a little bit scary. It felt like the fears the last couple of days caused havoc in me, but I remember the tip to focus on my breathing”.

Avicii had struggled with mental health and substance abuse problems, which are detailed in Mosesson’s book.

He had also experienced immense stress and pressure due to his success and touring schedule.

An acquaintance he met on his trip to Oman had contacted his father just a day before his death because he was concerned over his meditations.

According to Lad Bible, the friend explained that Avicii wasn’t eating or speaking.

Avicii’s death was a tragedy, and his final words have been a source of interest and speculation for many fans.

While his words may provide some insight into his state of mind at the time, it is important to remember that suicide is a complex issue with many contributing factors.

It is crucial to prioritize mental health and seek help if needed.

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