Cyan Boujee Boyfriend: Who is She Dating?

Cyan Boujee is a social media influencer and Instagrammer who has gained a significant following due to her unique style and personality.

Cyan Boujee
Instagrammer and social media influencer Cyan Boujee has a sizable following because to her distinctive personality and fashion sense.

She was the winner of the Ms Personality Award at the ASEA Awards in 2020.

In this award, she was recognized for her ability to connect with her audience and for her positive impact on social media.

Cyan Boujee is known for her fashion sense and her ability to stay on top of the latest trends.

In an interview on YouTube, she talked about her brand and how she stays up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

She also discussed how she uses social media to connect with her audience and to promote her brand.

Additionally, she is widely known for her appealing and entertaining videos on TikTok and YouTube, and has amassed a huge fan following on every social media platform.

Cyan Boujee

Unfortunately, there’s no information regarding Cyan Boujee’s love life at this time of writing.

However, she was in a relationship with Bamzy Riches, although, it is unknown when they started dating and their current status.

The love birds trended in May 2022 when news broke that Bamzy assaulted Cyan Boujee in her apartment.

He was arrested, and he paid for the damages he did.

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