Four Illegal Miners Killed As Mining Site Collapses In Bauchi

Four Illegal Miners Killed As Mining Site Collapses In Bauchi

A ssudden collapse of a mining site in Kogo Kadage village in the Yadagungume area of Ningi Local Government Area of Bauchi State has left four illegal miners dead, Naijapopstar reports .

According to punch reports, The incident happened on Saturday night when the miners were digging lead and trying to excavate it.

The source who didn’t want to be mentioned, disclosed that people have been there for over one month mining and excavating lead, one of the mineral resources common in the area, when suddenly one of the holes they dug collapsed on them and buried them underneath.

In his words, the four miners died instantly after they were removed from the collapsed site.

The Caretaker Committee Chairman, Ningi LGA, Ibrahim Zubairu, described the incident as sad and tragic, noting that four people were trapped in the pit while three died instantly.

He said that the illegal mining site is located in the Kogo Kadage forest, seven kilometres away from Yadagungume town.

“Yesterday (Saturday), I was informed that four people were trapped in a mining pit, I directed that they should be rescued. Later on, they reported back to me that they recovered three bodies.”

“I don’t know about the illegal activities of the locals because we have banned all sorts of illegal mining in the entire local government area, it came to me as a surprise when I got the report of the incidence,” he said.

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