Identify Chad Drew Barrymore’s stalker Michael Busto is exposed in a viral Twitter video

Who is Chad Michael Busto stalker of Drew Barrymore as video goes viral on Twitter

Who is Chad Michael Busto stalker of Drew Barrymore as video goes viral on Twitter
Who is Chad Michael Busto stalker of Drew Barrymore as video goes viral on Twitter
The overzealous fan stalked Drew Barrymore during a 92NY panel event. He was also accused of stalking actress Amber Heard. Know more about the accused in the article below.

Who is Chad Michael Busto name of stalker of Drew Barrymore as video goes viral on Twitter
After approaching the Charlie’s Angels actress as she was in conversation with singer and actress Reneé Rapp, the man, who identified himself as Chad Michael Busto, demanded to speak with Barrymore. The video of the incident quickly went viral on social media.

The Viral Video Of Chad Michael Busto
A man called Drew by her name and walked up to the stage as the duo were talking. The actor, who appeared a little startled by the sudden request for her name, answered the man in a friendly manner and said, “Oh my God, yes, hi!”

The man was removed from the auditorium by two security officers after they hurriedly intervened to prevent him from entering the stage. After identifying a potential threat, Drew and Reneé both got up from their seats and moved back.

In the video, the man allegedly told Drew in an affirmative tone that she knew who he was and that he needed to meet her at some point while she was in New York.

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Who Is The Stalker Chad Michael Busto?
The trending video was uploaded to TikTok by @videosofceleb, who also identified the man as Chad Michael Busto and referred to him as a stalker.

Chad Michael Busto, a celebrity stalker, has previously faced accusations of disruptive behaviour, indecent exposure, and other offences.

In the comments area of Pop Crave’s popular video on X, a number of people shared more details regarding Chad Michael Busto. Chad used to stalk Amber Heard and has many accounts on X, according to Twitter user @Blabette_.

Chad Michael Busto’s Social Media Present
On a blog called “We Are Heard,” which was made for Amber Heard, the person posted a snapshot of Chad’s account.

On August 7, @AmberMera007 posted thorough details regarding Chad Busto on the blog. Busto joined the forum on March 24, they said, adding that many people found him unusual but gave him a fair opportunity.

Later, a forum user advised @AmberMera007 on X that Chad might be a little bit obsessive. The person discovered the stalker’s past when they performed a Google search on him.

Previous Accusations Against Chad Michael Busto
From 2012 to 2020, the user shared a number of links to news stories regarding Chad Michael Busto. One of the reports claimed that a homeless man attempted to seduce two young girls at a bus stop in March 2012.

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It went on to say that a homeless man approached two Daniel Educational Centre kids, ages 12 and 15, as they were travelling on the Manchester motorway.

The man was identified as Chad Busto, and he first inquired about the Bible with the girls before moving on to discuss sexual behaviour. The two females departed after that and contacted the school’s security.

Later, Chad was detained and accused of luring youngsters for immoral motives.

As per a report from April 2017, a bizarre statement written by a Californian man reportedly worried bank personnel. When the individual, later identified as Chad Busto, entered the Darien Rowayton Bank at 3695 Post Road and began acting strangely, the police were called.

He reportedly asked the staff if they could assist him in obtaining some coffee, and the tellers directed him to a table with a coffee maker in the lobby. Chad appeared suspicious as he stood inside the bank and kept staring at it for a while.

Then Chad went to get a coffee and started writing something on a withdrawal sheet. He handed the employee a withdrawal paper that read: When he was confronted by staff and told to leave:

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“This is a fake; this isn’t two hundred million dollars,” someone said.

Police discovered throughout their investigation that Chad Michael Busto committed a similar crime on the same day at a different bank close to Beaumont Street.

In August 2017, there was a third incident that was reported, and Chad was detained for lewdly flashing people on the beach close to 19th Avenue South. He appeared to be using narcotics, according to witnesses who called the police.

Later, he was brought into custody and hurled profanities at a bystander as he was being led away. Charges of disorderly behaviour, indecent exposure, and resistance to arrest were brought against Chad Michael Busto.

As Chad Michael Busto becomes famous for following Drew Barrymore, internet users express their concerns.

Social Media Users Reacts To Stalker’s Behaviour
After learning about Chad Michael Busto’s history of stalking, people were concerned for Drew’s safety. While some believed he should be imprisoned, others observed that he seemed to be experiencing some mental health concerns and likely required expert assistance.

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