Video of terrifying creature with monkey head and chicken legs goes viral

A scary creature with a monkey head and chicken legs is shown in a video that becomes popular...

Video of terrifying creature with monkey head and chicken legs goes viral
A recent video that was posted online and uploaded by the user Oku has drawn viewers’ attention. The monster shown in the video has a fascinating and terrifying appearance.

This unusual creature has distinct features, such as the legs of a chicken and a monkey’s skull. It has a head that resembles a monkey and a body covered in white feathers that makes it look like a chicken.

The footage shows one individual holding the creature, while another person remains behind the camera, communicating in an unfamiliar language. The intriguing nature of the video has prompted concerned individuals to flock to the comment section, expressing their thoughts and reactions.

Several reactions from viewers can be observed in the comment section.

One user, @dscrb, humorously suggests various culinary ideas, mentioning apple cider or vinegar to add a bittersweet taste and describing the creature as a potential ingredient for grilling.

@EbereAmani, on the other hand, offers a humorous remark, likening the creature to a result of a monkey and chicken engaging in intimate relations.

@Mr_beard_bald raises a valid point, questioning why the video only shows the front of the creature and suggesting that a full view, including the back and neck, would be necessary for complete verification.

@M15taerBonez speculates on a possible transformation from monkey to chicken and back to a human being, suggesting that the creature was caught before completing the transformation.

@LYNAMBRO1 jokingly states their intention to ensure they purchase live chickens with intact heads to avoid mistakenly consuming a “chicman” or “chiwoman.”

The video has also been shared on Twitter, with Oku’s tweet inviting viewers to watch the video and prompting further discussions about the creature’s identity and origin.

The tweet includes a link to the video, where viewers can witness the creature’s peculiar appearance firsthand.

Watch the video below…

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