Video viral popo barbie sama patung leaked twitter, Adegan Tak Senonoh

Video viral popo barbie sama patung leaked twitter, Adegan Tak Senonoh

Video viral popo barbie sama patung leaked twitter, Adegan Tak Senonoh
The police finally intervened after a video of Bobo Barbie indecently attacking the statue went viral and terrified netizens. The obscene 21-second video entitled “Popo Barbie” has gone viral on social media in recent days.

Viral link to the viral video of Bobo Barbie and the statue circulating on Twitter and other social media.

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The TikToker celebrity from Kerinci, Jambi Province, whose real name is Emboy Yasandra (27) was arrested by the police on Saturday (7/1/2023). In a press conference on the Bobo video case which went viral on Twitter, TikTok and various social media platforms, Bobo Barbie, who is suspected of being an actor, spoke up.

He explains why and why he made videos of Bobo and the statues containing obscene scenes. “I did it because of economic factors, there were many installments that had to be paid,” he said at a press conference exposing the case at the Kolingi Police Headquarters, Jambi Province.

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Bobo Barbie also admitted to making videos of Bobo and statues or mannequins when he was sober, which went viral on social media. The reason is to get a lot of followers or followers or viewers or viewers.

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In addition, all kinds of endorsements are a form of publicity that utilizes well-known figures. The same thing was also expressed by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kerinci Police, AKP Edi Mardi. “Because the followers are decreasing, it must be added so that it becomes viral,” he explained.

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